The Dragon’s Den

Tonight my friend Maureen invited me to the grand opening of The Dragon’s Den:

It’s a really cool little bar/lounge/sushi bar in East Village close to the ballpark. Perfect place to go before or after a Pad’s game.

When you first walk in there is a full bar with high tables to sit at. As you walk towards the back there are booths and then you enter a sushi restaurant. YUM! There is also a sweet patio with fire pits and cozy lounge type chairs. I didn’t get the best photos because I was chatting. Total FAIL, I know.

Isn’t that a cool heater? It’s a tower of fire! Wait, what am I missing? Oh, us!

No we did not call each other to discuss what to wear. We are just cool like that…or total geeks. You decide.

I only tasted a few apps, but what I did have was goooood! If you are local or come into town for a game I recommend you try this place out. It’s on 10th across the street from the Tilted Kilt.

I’m off to try to get some shut-eye. See y’all bright and early. Who is down for a 5 am run???



3 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Den

  1. Yum! Next time i’m in cali we will need to go! BTW..Please give Princess Sloane a big hug and kiss for her birthday today! I miss you guys!!!

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