Ultra fact and a funny photo…or 2

Random Fact: On this day in 1928, 199 began the “Bunion Derby” a 3,422 mile race from LA to NYC. This was the first transcontinental race. It ended 84 days later when a man named Andy Payne crossed the finish line.

Do you think his legs were tired? I am sure these men ran so many miles per day, would rest and then start again. Holy ULTRA!

Here is a time when I did NOT run an ultra:

But it was my first marathon. My left foot was seriously injured and somehow I busted out a smile near the finish line. Maybe it’s because I knew I was almost done. Weird things can happen in front of a camera when you run.

Like this:

Not sure what I am doing here. Good thing the camera guy only does sports photos. Can you imagine a family photo with everyone’s head cut off? AWESOME.

Today is a rest day for me. My right hammy is feeling good so it’s going to be a day that includes a lot of stretching. I will run the next two days and then hope to get an 18ish miler in on Sunday.  Looks like it will be nice and sunny!

What’s your workout plan for the rest of the week?


One thought on “Ultra fact and a funny photo…or 2

  1. I set a Run Farther goal for myself on Nike Plus and I have 9.3 miles to go before March 4th. Sooooooooooo I will be running today and tomorrow so that I don’t fail my goal. I think I will do TM tonight since it’s raining and windy and MAYBE, just maybe run out side on Thursday.

    Friday I will do some cross training and core, Saturday rest and Sunday long run shotting for 8 miles. But we shall see after my 3 days in a row of running.

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