Total randomness to end your day…

When we run out of little things in our house and I am too lazy to go the 3 miles to Target, I’ll go down the street to Rite Aid. Have you ever been into a Rite Aid? In our neighborhood going to Rite Aid is a total trip. I’m serious. Our Rite Aid still carries mood lipstick from 1982. It’s very eclectic. And it’s rated 1 star on YELP. What does that tell ya?

Last night was one of those nights that a Rite Aid trip was in order. I got in, got my stuff and then…I got stuck with the checker that I call the “candy pusher.” He typically tries to talk me into Pretzel M & Ms. I have no idea why. Maybe he can tell I have the world’s worst sweet tooth.

At any rate, he starts ringing me up and I’m prepping for candy chat when he says…

“So, are you ready for Mardi Gras? Fat Tuesday is next week you know.”

Ummmm. I wasn’t expecting that. Really? Mardi Gras? I wasn’t sure how to answer and I semi-feared he might have beads in his back pocket. Did I mention this guy appears to be a real life giant? Seriously, I feel 2 feet tall next to the guy.

I told him I wasn’t quite ready and he quickly reminded me “The week after that is St. Patrick’s Day. Better have your green ready.” This dude is really into March festivities.

O.K. Time to get. Said see ya and was on my way. I wish I had a shirt cam. It’s times like that where video is sooooo necessary. If for no other reason than to get my reaction on video. Priceless.

Seriously, does this happen to you? This happens to me everywhere I go…



5 thoughts on “Total randomness to end your day…

  1. It’s cuz you are to nice, you need to work on your stank eye. I’m not gonna lie though, there’s an x-cop/boxer at Target and I ALWAYS end up in his line. But I get the same story EVER time I check out with him.

    He hates this job and only works here because his wife want s the employee discount. One night he told me that Don King was his promoter when he was an fighter and wanted me to wait while he went into the employee room to get his card, REALL?? My response was “Oh sorry my husband is in the car waiting for me”. Come to think of it I haven’t seen him in awhile. Maybe he told to many people that he hated this job. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, it does… so much in fact that Louis actually told me that he wants to rent me out to people as a friend, people who don’t have anyone to hang with. I told him that sounds a bit too much like another business I have heard of. lol

      1. We just had a truly unbelievable experience similar to this at a IHOP restaurant. One girl working the entire restaurant, hostess, server, bus girl, and cashier. She was yelling at the cook in the back in the best Spanish she knew (which wasn’t so hot) It’s too much to type but I’m sure it’s experiences like what you had at Rite Aid, and ours at IHOP is where Saturday Night Live gets much of their material πŸ™‚

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