Running and Stuff

Today’s run: 8.10 miles/ 60 min/ TM .5% incline- lots of post run sttttrreeettccchhiiinnngggg

Maybe I’m a WUSS but it was FREEZING this morning. 38 degrees on the way out of the door. My SoCal bones are not used to this coldness! I really had to push it to get 8 miles done in 60. When I got to a 9.0 on the TM I seriously thought about how the awesome people on the Biggest Loser ran at a 12.0! A 12! Running at a 10.0 is a 6 min mile, so a 12.0 is a 5 min mile! That is elite status right there.  Here is a treadmill conversion chart for your viewing pleasure.

My hammy’s are still a bit sore from spinning on Friday. Definite DOMS because they were fine during rainfest 2011 on Saturday. Oy. I guess spinning through the Grand Canyon did it. The stick came to work with me and will get lots of use today.

Look at the mess we have going on here. Did you spy the lotto tix? If Mr. Miyagi can catch a fly with chopsticks, there is hope for me! COME ON LOTTO!

Perhaps you also noticed the Oakley’s are now chillin in their sock. I need a new hard case stat. Remember this?:

My Mazda is one bad car!

OK, I need to get the HAUTE STUFF post together and maybe a little work done on this beautimus Monday.  See you peeps in bit!

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