Imma Ding Dong

I started my Haute Stuff post and then realized allllllll of the photos are on my home computer. DUH! Welcome to my super crazy world. Once I get home and get the mini-me’s fed I will get on it.

In the meantime I figured I share this little ditty from Runners World  2011 calendar.

Tips of The Month (March): Stay Healthy

Training: To prevent injury as you get in shape for spring, your longest run of the week should never be more than half your weekly total. Also, make sure you increase mileage no more than 10 percent weekly. Push too hard too fast and you might get hurt.

Ok, so if you are like me and not a numbers person, I’ll make it easy. If you run 30 miles a week, your long run should not be more than 15 miles. Runners World said it, not me. If you don’t like it bring it up with them.

Fuel: Eat Well, Stay Well. Certain foods can help boost your immune system. For instance, onions are high in quercertin, a powerful antioxidant known for its antiviral properties. Also, try butternut squash. This veggie is packed with high doses of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. This helps maintain the body’s protective layers, including skin and sinus passages.

This is good advice. However, please do not reduce your diet to onions and butternut squash. You might turn orange and have really bad breath. Just sayin…

Mind + Body: Listen to your body. It may be fine to run with a tiny blister. But not all aches and pains should be ignored. some can develop into serious injuries. Write down a log of how you feel after a run. This will help you spot chronic issues that need medical attention.

The above is really important. Knowing the difference between an ache and a pain is HUGE. Aches go away, pain does not. I learned the hard way. Dont be a ding-dong like me!

Want this cool advice from Runners World before you see it on my blog? Click here and get your calendar. I got mine as a gift so I have no idea how much it is. Sorry!

Ok, see you all back here tonight with the Haute Stuff post!!!



One thought on “Imma Ding Dong

  1. Just took your, I mean Runner World’s advice, and added that my knee started hurting yesterday on my long run to my Nike plus notes. I always write how I feel mentally and physically but not if I was hurt or in pain. Thanks for the pointer!! I’m gonna get a shirt made that says “All I learn about running I learned from Haute Running Mama” 🙂 Then you can post it on Jersey day!!

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