A RNR Yipppeeeeee!

So a little birdie told me that these two chicas:

Signed up to run the Rock N Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon! I am over the moon excited! This means when I am done with the full I will get to meet up with these hotties at the finish!!!! We have been friends for a loooooong time and this will be the first race that we are all doing together!!!

Cam and Gretch, I am so proud of you both! Maybe next year you will both run the full with me????

If anyone else is interested in this race, sign up soon! There is a full, half and a relay. It’s a great race. Oh and if you sign up let me know!!

4 thoughts on “A RNR Yipppeeeeee!

  1. Yippee!!! And the journey all began because you inspired us. 🙂 Now let me get through my first full at the end of year before I start signing myself up for my second.

  2. Yeah!! I am so excited for this race and even more excited to be there with you girls! It will be here before we know it!

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