Puddle Jumping

It’s raining. Yes, real rain not our typical wimpy sprinkles. I’m talking cold, windy, yucky weather. And I have my running gear on. I’m starting to have second thoughts. The weather guy just said possible hail and thunderstorms. What? Really?

Tony Toni Tone said “It never rains in southern California”

Shows how much they know. 🙂

I’m going to try to brave the weather for a bit. Wish me luck!

P/S Thanks for bearing with the site while I upgrade and get a real header (get your mind out of the gutter). I have a funny story I’ll tell you later today about my graphic design artist (aka The Hubs).

3 thoughts on “Puddle Jumping

  1. I opted to run inside this morning. 9.37 miles on the treadmill. Had to focus on the music but it wasn’t too bad! How were the puddles?

    1. Nice run Mo!! Long TM runs take focus- you are AWESOME! The puddles were BAD. I’m talking some were ankle deep. My shoes and socks are brutal!!! I had to run in the street on the way back because the sidewalks on 35th were completely flooded.

      1. That is the worst running in wet socks and shoes! I give you credit for braving the rain. I was determined to proove I could run more than 6 on the TM. Bummer basketball game. This was the first one I watched so I will not watch anymore if it means they will win!

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