The Rules

Let’s start out this Friday morning with a shout out to my alma mater:

The men’s basketball team has a HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE game tomorrow against BYU. Poms Poms ready? Check! Student’s have been in line all week for tickets. I was telling the hubs that the news showed a student holding a sign that said ” The only cougar we like is your Mom.” Love the enthusiasm. Hey guy who made that sign, if you are reading this, YOU RULE.

On to some news about me:

I really wanted to post a pic for you all of how tore up I looked at 4:30 this morning but I couldn’t get the flash on the camera to work. Maybe it felt bad for me. Have ever looked in the mirror and felt like you saw a butt staring back? That was me this morning. SCARY. So I appropriately dressed in all black. Yup, black covers ugly up.

Today’s workout: 25 min on the super rad spin bike, 40 min strength training.

Since I never talk about my gym I will share a few random facts. The motto is “Less Attitude, More Fitness.” (Lets be clear that the attitude part doesn’t apply to me). Since the focus is on fitness my gym has rules. I know, all gym’s have rules but my gym is a one-upper and has cooler rules than all of the other gyms.

Rule #1: No cell phones on the gym floor.

I love this rule. Seriously, you can’t possibly get your heart rate while gabbing on the phone- unless you are talking about how hot Christian Bale was in Batman.

Rule #2: No grunting, unless you are in labor

This eliminates the overly macho man from trying to lift weights that are waaaaaay to heavy. Buddy, no one cares that can’t bench press 1 million pounds. It’s ok to hang with me and the 5 pound dumb bells!

Rule #3: No Cursing


I have never witnessed anyone break the rules so I am left wondering what happens if you do? I am not going to take any chances, but if you go to my gym and you witness something going down, CALL ME. I’ll be there to take pics for the blog!

Last shout of the morning goes to Berly M who notified me last night WAS NOT the season finale of the Jersey Shore. To celebrate she emailed me a picture of Shrek “fist pumpin’ like a champ”



2 thoughts on “The Rules

  1. One last thing. I wish our gym would post the “no grunting” rule. There’s one guy in particular (at 4:30 in the am ) when it’s not that busy, that grunts so loud while riding the bike that we literally move to the other side of the gym.. It’s gross.

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