Kickin’ it old school

It’s Friday night and you know what that means? Out to dinner, laundry and catching up on shows in the DVR! Man, do I have a life or what? You know you want to join me.

Tonight’s grub was courtesy of The Station.

This place is super good, cheap, and perfect for a big group. You can be as loud as you want and fit right in! It’s a burger joint that has indoor and outdoor patio seating. The Veggie Burger is THE BEST and if you like sweet potato fries this is the spot! For more info check out their website by clicking HERE.

Made it home before the rain starts and got the first load of laundry in. Now I am going to numb my brain with the season premier of: The Real Housewives of Miami!

I need to thank my friend “Red” for informing me that this show started. I’m sure hubs is super excited…just what he wants to do tonight! I had no idea they even filmed a Miami cast. FAIL on my part. To think I almost took the title of reality show queen.

Anyone doing a long run tomorrow? I am planning on it unless it’s hailing. Can you believe we may get snow down to 1000 feet tonight? Brrrrrrrrr!  I may bust out my beanie and all-weather jacket. Not sure if I should be excited or scared…


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