You know how we do on Jersday

Today’s Run: 6.1 miles/46 min/ .5% incline – TM run at CHUZE.

Is anyone else soooo ready for the weekend? It’s so close!!

Today started with a good run, got home, got everyone up- you know, the norm. Headed out, got into the car and noticed my sunglasses were missing. Since I am waaaaay to lazy to head back in to find them I figure I can get them at lunch. Back out of the driveway and…

What do you know? They were hiding under the car. Here is where it gets more awesome. I pry open the case and…

Not a SCRATCH!!!

Dear Oakley,

I love you.



This is my second pair of these bad boys- my first lasted a year before running, weather and accidental droppings ruined them. These are only a few months old and I am not ready to buy another pair yet. So yyyyyayaaaaaaayyayyayayayayayaya!!!!! All I need is a new case and I am golden.


Let’s not waste anymore time. It’s JERSDAY!!!!

That means it’s TTTTTTTTTTTT- Shirt Tiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Is tonight the season finale? What ever will I do with myself?

Here is the newest addition to my collection. Love this one:

And a few from Cam:

And one more from Sarah:

Sorry boys, but I LOVE.

Ok, my day at work is completely NUTSO. Time to go act like a boss lady.


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