RNR Course and some other race news!

Thanks to my good friend Maureen, and a snazzy email I learned that Competitor put up the 2011 Rock N Roll SD Course! Here it is runners:

The GREAT news is that the full marathon is only on Fiesta Island for 2 miles!!!! YEEESSSSSSSSSS!!! I am so super excited about this. Thank you RNR for listening to suggestions on how to improve the course. This is AWESOME!

It also looks like the half marathoners will run in the northbound lanes of the 163 and the marathoners will run in the southbound lanes. That means more room for everyone. SUPER!

Can it get better you ask? YES IT CAN! The finish/family reunion area will be on the bayside of Sea World! Can you tell I’m excited? Last year we were stuck in the cement lot and it was a bazillion degrees outside. These changes are fantastic. Again, thank you RNR!!!

In more race news… I have come to terms that I will not be able to travel to Sac at the end of April for the Parkway Half. With Hawaii in September and another destination marathon in the Fall/Winter I need to save some dough and stay close to home. So instead I have decided to run:

Sunday May 1st! This will be a great run to get ready for Rock N Roll on June 5th. There is also a 5k and Half Marathon that day if anyone is interested. Click HERE for more info!

I have read some great reviews and am to run such a beautiful race!

Who else has race news to share?!?!?


3 thoughts on “RNR Course and some other race news!

  1. I’m glad RNR SD made all these changes for the first time I’m running it. šŸ™‚ Although looking and the course I’m a little scared. Good thing it will be the 2nd half by that time and maybe I won’t be as scrrrrred. (It so much more fun to say that word then type it)

    As for no Parkway šŸ˜¦ Sad bestie, but I totally understand. And in only 4 short months I will see you beautiful face for RNR SD. šŸ™‚

    Oh and one last thing, I HATE THE TREADMILL!! I didn’t beat my best pace when I ran today. Booooo! But on the brighter side we are suppose to get snow tonight here in F-town!!

    1. I know! Stinkin SWA! Why cant tix be $59 each way there and back?? If that was the case I would be there!!! And SNOW?!?!? YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!! Take pix!!!!

      P/S The treadmill is so much harder than running outside, right?!? Iā€™m glad Iā€™m not the only nutball that thinks so!!!! Luff ya!

  2. I think the half marathon is running up the northbound and the full is running up the southbound 163. I thought I read they were shutting down both directions. They also supposedly improved the shuttle service also! OC could be fun! You are an animal running back to back full marathons! You go girl!

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