Yeeeessssss I CAN!

Lunchtime Run: 4.36 miles; 30 min!!!

I just proved two things to myself at lunch:

1. I can run super fast when I try

2. Wearing black booty shorts makes a white girl look even whiter. The reflection of the sun off of my white legs could have blinded a few folks. Sorry peeps!

The awesome thing about running on my lunch today was I HAD TO PUSH MYSELF. I knew exactly what route I was going to run, how long I had and I had to fit a quick shower in. Friends, I did all of this in 1:10!

I am going to give credit where credit is due. Last night on the Biggest Loser I watched people on the black team running at a 12 on the treadmill. A 12!! Now, they were only doing this for 20 seconds at a time, but the point was they COULD do it. What Jillian Michaels said to them stuck with me and I hope it sticks with you as well. “See, you CAN do it. You never thought you could. What else have you been half assing?”

I asked myself the same question.  

When I injured my foot last June I wondered if I would ever be able to run again. I was so depressed, going through therapy and stuck on a recumbent bike. My doc assured me that the therapy would work and that I needed to be patient. 8 weeks later I was able to start running again. Yes, I was running !! ; But I couldn’t focus. I was waiting for pain. “Does my foot hurt? Does my knee hurt? I think it hurts.” I was TALKING myself back into my injury. Can you say hindering my ability??? I slowed my pace way down and made excuse after excuse. Now, there are times when it makes sense for me to run at a slower pace. I naturally run longer distances slower as I need to endure. But I have ZERO excuse for going 50% . I run because I love it. I run because I can. I run to inspire. I will run until I can’t run anymore (like when I’m 100 years old).

Today I wanted to prove to myself that I can run fast and it’s not going to hurt and it’s going to help me with training to endure on the long run. My pace today was 6:59!!!!! I DID IT! I broke a 7 min mile for 4.36 miles, outside, in a headwind on my hilly loop. I haven’t done that in a YEAR. ONE YEAR! Do I expect to run that fast every time? HECK NO! I would BURN OUT. But the point is I was holding myself back for NO REASON. We all do this at sometime- now was my time to BREAK FREE!…and to show of my sexy jar of white mayonnaise (AKA legs).

So my question to you this afternoon:

Are you giving 100% of yourself to YOU every time? If not, what is holding you back??


6 thoughts on “Yeeeessssss I CAN!

  1. Nicole,

    I seriously LOVE reading your posts! You have “inspired” me to start running again! Thank you for your positivity and constant encouragement! You are an amazing sis’n law!


  2. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love you so much and you inspire soooooooooo many people!! So glad I had my fastest pace run yesterday because I would feel the need to jump in my shoes and go……but I won’t today because today I rest. But TOMORROW it’s game on. I will either beat my fasts past or hold it strong. No going backwards and that is because YOU inspire me to run HARDER (lol) and FASTER then ever.

  3. You are awesome! I started to read this earlier, but had to stop… I hadn’t watched Loser yet. I loved that part, it was SO dead on. I bet you will be running at 100. My first 5k there was a man in the 70 age range that ran it in 19 min! I am sure that will be you. I think sometimes I let the weight of life hold me back, and that is what should push me! You ROCK!

  4. So your story inspired me this morning. I got up to run and thought it was not going to be good since my stomach was cramping on the drive to the gym. I decided to try a new treadmill downstairs. I had to enter a time so I entered 45 minutes trying to push myself. Stomach cooperated and had a great run – 4.83 miles. Forgot to start my watch right away and then the crazy girl got on the machine next to me and proceeded to sing and pump her arms while she was running. It was actually quite entertaining watching everyone turn around and stare at her. I am motivated to run a long one on the treadmill on Saturday morning if it is raining.

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