Just call me the promoter

I got a wild hair up my hiney this morning and decided to sleep in until 5:40 a.m.  HRM = bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I am going to run at lunch today so that I get to enjoy some sunshine before the weekend rain.

A rad friend of mine emailed me info on a sweet girlie event going on in SD tomorrow night. If you are local (and over 21) you should check it out! Cocktails, girlie swag, spa treatments and….up to 80% off retail!!! HELLO AWESOME!

For more info click HERE.

Oh, and since I am on a promo kick this morning, go see Gianna at Pacifica Hair in Pacific Beach when you need to get your hair did. Not only is she freaking fabulous, she will hook you up with a sweet deal your first time in and if you tell her I referred you she might do a little something extra! Here are some reviews on YELP !!!

Ok, I better get some work done before I hit pavement in a couple of hours. See ya on the flip side.


3 thoughts on “Just call me the promoter

  1. That is too funny because I decided to stay in bed this morning also. I am going to the gym at lunch to ride the bike. I will run again tomorrow. So bummed that it is going to rain again this weekend. Looks like another run at the gym weekend.

    1. It felt so good to sleep! Plus, I read it would make my eye twitch go away. LOL! I am really hoping that it’s just rain on Fri night and Sun- please please please let Saturday be dry- or even just sprinkles. Sprinkles are ok 🙂

  2. My alarm went off and I woke up but I decided to stay in bed where it was warm! This rain is really not good for my long runs. I guess I can always run on Sunday if it is any better.

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