Wink wink

As of 6:00 pm pacific time the twitch seems to be chilling out! Yes! It is not only annoying, but it’s embarassing having perma-wink. No sir, I’m not hitting on you, I have a twitch.


So I am currently trying to decide if I run The Parkway Half Marathon with this chick:

I already have 2 races in April and would have to go without the familia. 3 races in a month is a LOT. I do not want to risk getting hurt with Rock N Roll San Diego the first weekend of June.

Pros to going: It will be her FIRST half marathon!.

Cons: Flight is not cheap- well, the way home is but the way there is ridiculous. Makes ZERO sense!

Oh- another bonus- my brother is running!:

So is my sister-in-law:

It will be my brother’s 2nd half and my SIL’s first!!! Sooooo fun!

Maybe I need to sponsor a car wash this weekend and get my butt there.Decisions decisions…




4 thoughts on “Wink wink

  1. 1. That chick is pretty cool but she understands if tickets are out of control silly.
    2. Your bro and sil are pretty cool too but I’m sure they understand too.
    3. I will be at RNR in June and although you are doing the full and I am doing the 1/2 we will still be together.

    Now go wink wink at the hubs and call it a night. 🙂 Still laughing about that one.

  2. I just got an email with $39-49 one way fares on Jet Blue during that time (sale ends today). Do they fly out of SD? Hope it works out… how fun to run with them all!

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