S.T.O.P means STOP!

Today’s Run: 5.35 mi on the TM/ .5% incline/ 41 min; 20 min or core/pushups

Since nearly getting creamed by a car yesterday my left eye has not stopped twitching. Does anyone know what causes that (other than SERIOUS FEAR)?  I’m about to consult Dr. WebMD but I figured I’d ask you all first. It’s driving me nuts.

About yesterday’s shenanigans. I didn’t get into it in my post last night because I was watching the hometown dates on the Bachelor and didn’t want to lose focus.  I was about a half mile from home when a young girl decided she wasn’t going to stop for a stop sign. Nooooo. Noone was going to tell her what to do! Now, I am used to the terrible drivers here in So Cal. But this was rediculous.

Here is where it happened (please ignore the terrible pic!):

I don’t know if you can see it, but the S.T.O.P is pretty big! I was half way through the crosswalk when I saw her coming fast. You know when you can tell someone is not going to stop. Yup, I knew. I literally had to run out of the crosswalk to try to get out of the way and she still brushed the back of my right leg. There was at least 6 people who watched this happen. I made it to the sidewalk and turned around and gave her a tongue lashin’. I should have taken a pic of her license plate but I was too rattled.

I am so thankful that I did NOT have on headphones and was completely aware of my surroundings. If I would have been running a second slower she would have plowed into me. THANK YOU GOD!! Hey, I have a half marathon coming up! I need my legs!

So since this little ordeal my left eye has been out of control. SOMEONE HELP!


3 thoughts on “S.T.O.P means STOP!

  1. Last time I had a twitch for 2 days called the optometrist and was sure I was going to have to get my eyelid sewn shut. He told me “Dr’s Orders” sleep more and stop stressing. So it is probably the stress of almost getting creamed. I can’t stop thinking about it and it didn’t even happen to me.

    I swear that is my worst fear or falling out of my truck since it’s so high off the ground. I have slipped a couple times and almost pulled something. Oh how your life changes when injury’s effect your running ability. 🙂

  2. Oh my lord Nicolie. Now my eye’s twitching just thinking about it! I get those every once in a while and I’ve found nothing other than letting it run it’s course. (no pun intended 🙂

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