Mondiddy Monday

Today’s Run: 10 miles; 1:17- no music- just me and nature

If every run could be like today I would quit my job and just run. It was perfect. 48 degrees when I left the house, clear skies, breezy and my run felt so good. I knew I was running fast. During the last few miles I was right at a 7 min mile. I haven’t done that since last year! I’d like to give credit to the coffee I drank this morning. I NEVER drink coffee before I run- maybe I should!

The course was rolling hills. I tried to get photos to show you that living at sea level doesn’t mean flat:

Not huge mountains, but rolling hills the whole way. A runner’s friend right?? I’ll keep trying to convince myself.

In addition to a great run I made a new friend today!

I can’t believe he just stood there. He must be used to the homeless people around the park because he was not afraid. Not one bit. He was just munchin’ away on the plants…chillin…and giving me the side stare. Sweet.

Well, tomorrow is back to work for me which means a 5 a.m. run. Hope that Brad keeps the rose ceremony short and sweet so I can get my zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.


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