Calorie Fest

Post super awesomeness at the gym today I packed up the mini-me’s and took them for haircuts. We then headed up to the parental’s house to visit with friends and the fam. We got a short break in rain and I snapped a photo of this pretty gift from the Good Lord:


This one is a bit better but I couldn’t get the heat lamp out of the way. It looks like a UFO flying into the rainbow. Someone call TMZ:

My Dad had Pesto Panini’s ready to snack on:

While Mama got dinner ready:

And some of us did nothing but take pictures:

We had an awesome visit! On the dinner menu:

Pasta, Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan, Meatballs, Sausage, Bread and Salad.

Are you full just reading that? Awwww yeah! Calorie Fest 2011. It was so stinking good. After a fab dinner and lots of laughs I got the dynamic duo into their jams and we battled the rain home. They both fell asleep (shocker) in the car and I had to man handle them into their beds. I might have burned off a meatball doing that. Maybe. Probably not.

Since I didn’t get enough to eat at dinner I figured I’d end the night with hot cocoa and whipped cream. Apparently I am trying to break a record for most deliciousness consumed in one evening.

Off to watch some mindless entertainment…hope some of you made it to Long Beach to check out my hottie batottie hubby’s band: Of Sons and Ghosts.




One thought on “Calorie Fest

  1. That was the most beautiful rainbow I’ve seen in a long time! Happy you got a pic of that Sissy. I too am still working off the calories from our incredible meal. I’m one happy Mom/Grama when surrounded by family, friends and good food. A little red wine doesn’t hurt either 😉
    Have a good week everyone!!!

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