TGIF! Rain rain go away…

Today’s run: 5.5 miles on the trusty treadmill; 1% incline; 43 min

Today’s run proved to me that I have had waaaaaaay to much sugar since heart day. I felt sluggish and just eh. But, 5.5 miles is 5.5 miles so I’ll take it.

So I usually do my longest run on Saturday. I just don’t have time during the week and Sunday is church/family day. Lucky for me, this is what I get to deal with tomorrow:


HI 60° LO 54°

Precip: 90%

Wind: 17 mph

Can you sense that I am super duper excited for this?!? HA! Now, if it is dumping rain and flooding I will be moving  my long run indoors. If it’s a light rain I’m headed out. I have run in the rain plenty of times and I actually don’t mind it- as long as it’s not STORMING. That is a recipe for disaster for this clutz!

For anyone that is in the Long Beach area or Fresno, go check out my hottie tottie husband’s band this weekend.

They play at the Prospector in LB on Sat and Club Fred’s in Fresno on Sun. Click here for more info.

Ok, I am going to do my comparison between EGEL and HAMMER Gel this afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled!!!


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