Spin Bike on Roids

Today’s workout: Spin 30 min; Strength Training 30 min

FINALLY!!! I got to try out the super-charged spin bike! You know I have been patiently waiting to get all virtual reality and spin through the forest in the comfort of my own gym. CHA-CHING! My turn! So here is what the spin bike looked like before it got all 2011:

And this is what it looks like now:

No, that’s not me above and no my gym is not outdoors- nor does it have a fake outdoor setting to get you in the mood.

Is that bike sweet or what? So today I got to spin through NY, WA, IL and CA.  Um, can you bike through 4 states in 30 minutes on your own? I think not! It was so cool and super intense, and well, I’ll be doing it again! Oh, I forgot to mention you can hook your iPod up to it and listen to the music they have going. There is also an option for a virtual spin class and you have a supermodel instructor getting all bossy on you. LOVES IT!

So I received an email asking if the Monday Hauteness could feature a DUDE. UM, YYEEEAAAAAHHHH! I would love that! So this is not only a chick thing- bring on the guys! Email me with your brag story and some photos you don’t mind me posting. If you have a website, don’t be selfish, sharing is caring.


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