Today’s lead leg run: 4.10 mi/35 min; 20 min core. I.am.lazy.today. And hungry. But what’s new?

Enough about me- here she is- our HAUTE MAMA of the week!! Say hi to KADEE!!!

“My inspiration is my family. I watched my dad fighting the effects of obesity, in and out of the hospital and fighting for life. Preaching at him I turned the mirror on myself and quickly realized that here I was at the heaviest weight of my life, only a few pounds shy of my pregnancy weight with Mackenzie… I gained close to 90lbs.  This was not the mom that I wanted my children to have, the wife I wanted to be, or the woman that I knew I could be.  So I started walking in September 2009.”

“In keeping with my new found healthier lifestyle Trey (my son) joined his school’s runner’s club. That was funny, not one lap around the playground and the huffing and puffing began, not asthmatic son…me.  So each day I ran.
I have entered a couple of 5k’s and am currently entered in the “Race for the Cure” and am hoping to finish my first 1/2 marathon in March.”
Here is part of her course:

“I run every other day for 30-45minute with 5 min warm up and cool down… I recently reached my farthest distance 5.5 miles. I am able  to run for an hour without huffing and puffing. lol We are in our  second year of runner’s club, and I have completed 2 5k’s.”
“This is such a great way for me to clear my head and get back in touch with God and  inner strength that he gives me.  I want to be a strong, healthy influence for both of my children, but feel that for Mackenzie (13) it is especially important for her to know that as a woman you can be strong and accomplish her goals.  Now life isn’t passing me by, I am  actively participating…and happy to say that now 40+ lbs lighter! Next Sunday 6.5 miles.”


Check out this HAUTIE and her kiddos!
“Today nothing is impossible, and tomorrow is full of endless possibilities.”


GO GIRL!!! Kadee you are an inspiration to us all. Let’s all wish Kadee good luck in her upcoming HALF MARATHON in March!!! She is going to rock it!!!!
Are you a HAUTE MAMA (no kids necessary!)?! Email me at hauterunningmama@gmail.com.
Ok, off to stuff my face. Lunchy lunchy time.


  1. Go Kadee GO!! WE are about in the same boat when it comes to mileage. I did my first 10k a few weekends ago and was super proud of myself. Now training for my first 1/2 marathon on April 30th. Keep us posted on how your training is going and how your 1st 1/2 goes. GOOD LUCK!!

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