Love Is In The Air

Today’s Run: 7.5 miles/57 min/ .5% incline on treadmill

Yes, I spent this Valentine’s Day run indoors at the gym. I have a lunch meeting so no opportunity this afternoon and tonight is our annual Valentine’s Sushi Party with the kiddos. SO FUN! Roo already made it known that he wants a Salmon Handroll and he wants to sit next to mommy. That’s love right there! Who needs a fancy shmancy overpriced dinner? Not this girl!!

Speaking of love on this Valentine’s Day- is offering a sweet deal on this heart day:

These skirts are super cute and comfy! Who can pass on free shipping and a surprise gift???!! BONUS!

The Haute Mama Monday post is coming this afternoon- be on the lookout! Happy Lovey Dovey Day!


One thought on “Love Is In The Air

  1. Happy Vday Momma!! I took today as another rest day hoping this cold and my leg would heal. Back it tomorrow with 4 miles, hoping to be back up to my 6.2 by this weekend. Hope you had an amazing day with your amazing family. Miss you guys! xoxo

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