Green With Envy

On this day last year I ran my first half marathon! This morning I was back at the race w/hubs- but as a spectator and not a runner. H.A.R.D! Runners envy is brutal. But enough about me being a hater.

The race was the beautiful course at:

And I was there cheering on my good friend Maureen!:

This is a hilly course (I’m talking hills the entire time) and she rocked it!! There were several runners crossing the finish line and yacking. Awesome. That’s when you know it was a challenging race! But no barfing from Mo- she was all smiles at the finish line!

It was a “sweetheart” run and it was close to 70 degrees at the end of the race. HOT for running! Way to go Maureen πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the Safari Park Half in a few short weeks… Raahhhhrrrrrr!


One thought on “Green With Envy

  1. Great job MO!! I am having major runners envy today. It was a beautiful 68 degrees today and I was suppose to be doing a 6 mile run. But instead I am on the couch sick and doing endless amounts of laundry. And for the record I MUCH rather be out running. πŸ™‚

    Hope you guys had a blessed Sunday!

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