A ray of sunshine from heaven

Today’s Run: 17.15 miles/ 2:14

You would think with weather like this:

My run would be easy peasy. Not today. IT.WAS.BRUTAL.

I didn’t get much sleep last night as we got the news that hubs Grandma wasn’t going to make it. We were up late. It was a rough night. I rolled out of  bed around 6:10 am, got my stuff together and was out the door by 6:40. Took a gel at mile 9 and was dealing with lead stomach. I felt so full. Blah. The hills felt tougher than usual but I was determined to keep on keepin on.

Called hubs around mile 14.5 to tell him to start driving toward where I intended to finish. At mile 16 I got the text that Grandma went to heaven 😦 Please keep the D Family in your prayers. Knew I wouldn’t make it much further so hubs and the kids picked me up at just over 17 miles and home we came.

My legs are tired. I am tired. Thank goodness for arnica gel. And Ice Cream 🙂

Since we live in a different state than hubs family we feel pretty helpless.  We decided that getting out of the house would be a good distraction for us. We took the kids down to fan fest at the stadium. They got to run around, go down onto the field and Roo saw his favorite player! He was in awe. Great family event!

So, today’s run was good for me, even if it wasn’t a great run. Now it’s time to rest and spend much needed time with the fam. Until tomorrow, xo.


2 thoughts on “A ray of sunshine from heaven

  1. I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like with all going on today is a hard day. I will keep you and the extended Dawson family in our prayers.

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