Dolla dolla bills y’all!

Todays workout: 30 min cycle, avg RPM 105; 30 min core (oowwwiiiieeeee)

OK, someone loves me…

I walk into my office and what do you know? A WHOLE DOLLAR next to my coffee!!!! What did I do to deserve a buck you ask?? NADA. Maybe someone is trying to pay me to quit my job? Or- maybe I am such a super rad boss I earned that dollar. The more likely answer is that it fell out my pocket and someone so graciously returned it. Either way, I am a whole dollar richer on this Friday! Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

Cycling felt good this morning. I wanted to get on a spin bike but they were full. At 5 am? Everyone was testing out the new simulator screens. They look dope! I want to spin through the forest 🙂 Finished up on the bike and got a good core workout in.

On that note, February’s core tip of the month comes from Runners World: “Many runners think ab exercises, like crunches, will work for them; they won’t. Crunches don’t strengthen the deep core muscles that provide stability. Instead, try exercises such as the side plank to strengthen these muscles for more efficient running.” You be the judge.

Gearing up for the long run tomorrow. I’m going to bring the new gel along with the EGEL. Super excited to test something new. I know, it’s the little things.

Hope everyone enjoys this lovey dovey weekend. Anyone have any plans??


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