It’s Jersday!

Todays workout: 4.3 miles/rolling hills;  30 min free weights.

This was my 5th run day in 6 days so tomorrow will be a cross-train day for me. Rolling hills were tough this morning. Either the ol’ body needs a rest or it has something to do with my almost 4-year old getting up a zillion times last night…hmmmmmmm

Since it’s Jersday, you know what that means…

It’s  Ttttttttttt- Shhhiiiiirrrrttttttt Ttttiiiiimmmmeeeee!!!!

Here is one my parentals got for me this Christmas:

Yeah, it rocks. The hubs liked it so much he got one too. Now we are all Sadie Hawkins like around the house! SWEEET!

And just because this one is funny…

Got a funny shirt? Email a photo to me at: and I’ll post it on Thursdays!! FUN STUFF 🙂


12 thoughts on “It’s Jersday!

    1. I don’t know where my parents got it! I know that Nike doesn’t sell it online or in their stores. WEIRD huh? Lane got his at a sports store down in CV. They dont sell them anywhere in SD! CRAZY!! Although, I’ll say I am glad because we don’t see anyone else rockin it. If I knew they were going to be “rare” I would have bought them all and quit my job, lol! I would check sports type stores in the mally mall.

      1. That is funny! Oh well you and Lane can rock them and be the one and onlys. Maybe I will make one with another saying like I do for my boys. Gotta love iron on letters. 🙂

    1. Ok – I am not sure where this cartoon character came from – I did not pick it and it seems very inappropriate. How do I change it?

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