“I’m not a reality addict, I’m not a reality addict”

As I get all cozy on the couch and wait for the Biggest Loser to start, I’d thought I would share with you a training plan I have grown to love.

I think it should have been titled “Run Less, Run More Efficient” This plan is genius for the following reasons:

1. Run 3 days a week, Cross-train 2 days, Option to run/cross-train a 4th day, Rest

2. It focuses on quality runs, not quantity of runs

3. It discusses the importance of strength training/avoiding injury

4. It’s legit!

I won’t lie, I don’t stick to this plan religiously. I use it more as a guide.  It has made me a more efficient runner and I have seen improvement in my race times. I like the tables for interval runs, tempo runs and long runs. If I wasn’t such a schedule hating freak this would be the plan for me. I definitely like that it changes it up so if I am stuck running in the gym I’m not just doing the same old run on the treadmill.

If anyone is interested in the info in the book, I’d be glad to share! Email me at hauterunningmama@gmail.com. If there is enough interest I may do another post with run info!

Uh oh- the Golden Spoon is melting! Off to eat desert and watch people bust their hineys and look totally fab. Is it wrong that I eat fro-yo while watching a weight loss show????



8 thoughts on ““I’m not a reality addict, I’m not a reality addict”

  1. I think I am going to go out and get this book today! I need some extra pointers on different training techniques. Right now, I am just following the Nike+ training program. It’s good and keeps me focused and accountable, just need some diversity in my workouts and would like to work on my speed and of course hills! Your blog is fun to read, keep it up Nicolie!

  2. Training when sick? Question for you…

    I was beginning to feel a little under the weather before the race on Sunday and now it has turned into a full “sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching stuffy head fever” kind of cold. 😦 I took yesterday off and did not run (or any kind of exercise for that matter). I don’t want to lose my progress in training but know I need to rest…what do you recommend?


    1. OK, so if cold is in your chest I would just rest. Let it pass- you will not lose much as far as training goes. If you run/workout to soon it may set you back longer. You want a strong immune system! If the cold is neck up I would just take it easy. Maybe focus more on cross-train (recumbent bike, elliptical) and “easy” runs (jogs). Your body will let you know if it’s too much. Awwww, I am so sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better soon!!

  3. I think I’m gonna go get that book too. My go to website has a WHOLE lot of running days the further into the training weeks I get. My body does good with the every other day stuff. I might mix it up and do a little bit of both.

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