This girl rocked it!

Meetings with the suits…done!

In a very Barney Stinson fashion I patted myself on the back afterwards. I really did a dang good job of presenting my plan for the year. Now, lets home my team comes through! Eeeeek! OK, enough BORING work talk! Onto better things- like- HAMMER GEL!

So I am all excited in knowing that my package is scheduled to arrive! 5:15 ish I leave to get the kids, haul butt home and…NO FEDEX DELIVERY. So bummed! Apparently most of the US is experiencing something called “winter” so my package is delayed a day. Siigggghhhhhhhh….

Fingers crossed that it will be here tomorrow and I’ll have some goodies to share.

What did everyone do today? Did you get a run in??


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