A sluggish morning thanks to the bach!

Thanks to this guy:

I was up waaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime. I was hoping to see Michelle get the boot and made it all the way to 10 pm people! That’s late for this mama! I don’t know if it’s just editing, but ABC has done a GREAT job of convincing me that she is N-U-T-S.

Wait- it’s not editing. Click here for her latest drama! Where do they find these people? This is what sucks me in to garbage TV!

After staying up to watch “the most shocking rose ceremony EVER”  I barely made it out of bed this morning. Thanks Brad!

Today’s Workout:

4 mile junk run (for the Nike challenge)

45 minutes of strength training with the medicine ball (AWESOME)

So I call today a junk run because it was. Nothing special- just got the miles in for the challenge and thought “Why am I doing this?” A 4 mile blah run doesn’t help me. I know, I am totally captain negative right now. Maybe it’s because today is not usually a run day for me. I spin and strength train to give my legs and feet a break. After a severe foot injury last summer I do not want to risk being out of the running game again. However, I managed to sweat it out and hit the medicine ball.

This workout is no joke. I highly recommend it! Plus, you can be completely immature like me and talk about your “ball” workout! HA!

Today’s sweat sesh included:

* Seated rotations

*Rotating Push-ups

*Sit Ups

*Iron Cross

*Chest Press

* And the exercise that helps with your triceps but it doesn’t have a name- or I don’t know it.

If anyone is interested I can try to find some pics of these moves- or have the hubs take pics of me doing them. Wont that be a sight!!!!


For those of you that include strength training- what do you incorporate? Do you switch it up?


3 thoughts on “A sluggish morning thanks to the bach!

  1. Pictures please!! 🙂 I am always looking for new workouts. I get BOARD doing the same ol same ol. I think it comes from the body building training days, working out 6 days a week twice a day. I feel like Groundhog day when I get weights into my hands. I don’t do many “ball” workouts so anything you can tell me will be NEW to me. 🙂

    Love ME

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