Haute Mama Monday and a SNAFU or 2!

Today’s Run: 6.35 mi/48 min

Alarm went off at 4:15- out of bed by 4:30 and at the gym by 4:58. Yes, 2 min early I will have plenty of time, right?

SNAFU #1: Gate installed at Gym entrance and no one can get it open. There are 5 of us sitting there trying to figure out what to do. I considered scaling the gate but how would that help anyone else?  We finally found a phone # to the gym and we rerouted to a back gate. Poor kid that works there- I didn’t want to ask how he got in because he looked uberly frazzled!

So, by 5:07 I was on the treadmill at a 0.5% incline and got a tempo in. By mile 5 I was almost out of water so kicked up the pace a bit.

Got home and was greeted at the door as usual by Roo, my oldest. Got the coffee pot going and hopped in the shower. We were rolling through the morning when…

SNAFU #2: I go to pour coffee and notice it’s extremely light. When I say light I mean clear- ummm that looks like water?! I then realize I forgot to put the coffee in the filter! Nothing like a hot mug of agua to start the day!

At least I can laugh at myself. Some people would blame it on Monday, but I think Monday just gets a bad wrap! And that brings me to….HAUTE MAMA MONDAY!

Just so we can prove that the Monday Blues is a load of garbage, I am going to start featuring HAUTE MAMAS on Monday’s to keep us motivated! So if you are a HAUTE MAMA, or you know one, shoot me an email and I’ll send back a short questionnaire for you to fill out. Oh, and I’ll want photos too so prepare yourself. Each week I will feature a HAUTE MAMA and what she does to keep herself going. This should be fun!


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