Sunday Funday

Happy Superbowl! We are gettin’ the grilled fired up and are ready for some fabulous commercials, lol! Hey, when your team isn’t playing, it’s all about the entertainment.

Although I didn’t run today, 2 of my best friends did!! Here they are looking all fabulous before the race:

They ran the Superbowl 10k in Sacramento, CA and totally rocked!

It must have been pretty chilly at the start since they are in long sleeves. I am so super proud of these girls, so I went and jacked these photos from my bestie’s facebook! Hope you gals don’t mind! Oh, and they both finished under an hour! GO GIRLS! (Did I mention it’s their first 10k?) Now go eat whatever you want and enjoy the game!!

Happy Sunday Funday all! Take time to thank GOD for your blessings and then enjoy some football 🙂




One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. So I’m one of the besties mention in this post and all of you need to know what an amazing coach/inspiration HRM is!! Without her coaching and encouragement from miles away I never would have done this run or an running at all. I watched her finish a 1/2 and a Full last year and something snapped in me and I get the running bug. Yes this was our first, but not our last. Hopefully soon the 3 of us can run together. Love you so much!!

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