Awwwww yeah! Oh…and fueling!

The awwww yeah is for today’s long run!

18 miles in 2:23! I started out a little too fast and knew it when I couldn’t get my breathing down. Got stuck at a red light, took a chill pill and paced the rest of the way. I ended up going just a little more than the 18.05 that my watch calculated and stayed right at a 7:55 pace. Such a better long run compared to last week!

I received a few emails/facebooks/twitters this week asking about how I fuel. I’ll start by saying fueling is going to be different for each runner. What works for me might now work for someone else. I don’t run well on a full stomach and typically run very early in the morning. Since you asked,  here is how I roll:

H2O = A Must For This Lady!

On any runs longer than a 10k I carry water. I have to. I might be the thirstiest girl on the running planet. When I see other runners on pounding pavement with no water I am envious. I don’t know how they do it! I wear a water belt that took getting used to. Now I don’t even notice it’s there (for the most part). For runs that are 13.1 or less I like this one:

For runs longer than 13.1 I use this one:


I love that these belts have a pocket that fits my ID, Cell Phone, Keys, Gels, etc. The bottles are easy to take out and put back while running- but the best part you ask? The RACE CAPS! No opening or closing lids, it’s like a sippy cup for runners. I have tested other belts in store and none of them matched up. I am a Nathan faithful.

Gels: Yes please!

Let me start by saying that many of my running friends can’t stand gels. If they take them bad bad things happen to their stomachs- I won’t go into details. They happen to work for me and I still haven’t decided whether or not that’s a good thing.

My go to has been the EGel:

Not to sweet, easy to take while running, low in sugar, and lots of good stuff in em (like electrolytes and amino acids)! A bonus is that they are 150 calories instead of 100 like many others, so I’m getting a little more which I NEED.

If you want to check it out click HERE. And if you decide to buy some mention my buddy code 373496 and hook a sister up!!

I also just ordered HAMMER gel so I’ll do a review as soon as my package arrives.

Ok, that’s my secret to what keeps me going during long runs. Well, in addition to GOD and knowing that I better have my butt ready for race day, lol!

Again, THIS WORKS FOR ME. In no way am I saying you should go out and buy a Nathan Belt and EGel and attempt to run until your legs fall off. Try different things- you will find what works for you. Trial and error friends!!! Believe me, I have frabed (barfed backwards) a time or two…

So, for those of you that fuel while running:

What works for you???


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