Love is in the air

It’s that time of year where I get all hallmarky and decorate my house and office in hearts for Valentine’s Day. It’s the one month that I can get away with all the pink I want. I know, some of you may be vomiting in your mouth a little but I’m a girlie girl and I’ll take what I can get it. If that means decorating my office pink for one month and getting away with it, I’m in!!

Speaking of February- for those of you that run on the Nike Plus program, today is the start of a new challenge. You have from February 1st -February 22nd  to sync 10 runs totaling 30 miles (so each run is a minimum of 3 miles). If you complete the challenge you are entered into a drawing to win a Nike Vapor Jacket!

(Color may vary- when you win they just send it to you.)

 There will be 3 lucky winners so what are you waiting for? Click here to join! If you are not a Nike Plus member go check it out. I think Nike has a good thing going on- lots of encouragement, challenges and FREEBIES!!! Right now they have the sportband going, however, they have a GPS watch coming out in April.  I can’t say that it will come close to a Garmin- but heck, I love new gadgets! Especially when they involve running!!

With that I am off to grab some lunch. I will post about today’s run a little later!


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