Mile: 6:32 (2011)

5K: 20:44 (2013)

5 Mile: 35:07 (2012)

10k: 45:17 (2012)

15K: 1:10:48 (2012)

Half: 1:38:40 (2013)

Marathon: 3:30:15 (2013)

2013 Races

January: Carlsbad Marathon

February: San Dieguito Half Marathon

March: Hooleys to Hooleys Half

April: Carlsbad 5000

La Jolla Half Marathon

May: Mountains to Ocean Marathon

June: San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon


August: The Giant Race

Sept: Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare 10k

Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare Half Marathon




2012 Races


Carlsbad Marathon: My first DNF :( Injuries Stink! Read about it HERE

Tinkerbell Half: Ruffles, pixie dust and pink! Recap HERE


Did not race


San Diego Half Marathon. A new PR! Read about it HERE

Hot Chocolate 15K:


Carlsbad All Day 25K

Ragnar Relay SoCal



Ojai Marathon


Coronado 15k




Chicago Marathon

Awesome 80s 10k


OSide Turkey Trot


2011 Races


Carlsbad Half Marathon 1:49:24 Rolling hills by the beach. Perfect winter run. I took it easy and enjoyed every moment. There is a full marathon as well!


I didn’t run a race in Feb. It was a loooong month!


Safari Park Half Marathon: 1:48:12 Some how PR’d after attempting to run with my Dad. I made up serious time! Hill training is necessary for this race. Some people had parking issues so I suggest getting their early if you want to park on site. This was an inaugural event so they may have additional parking options next year.


Carlsbad 5000- Did Not Race due to injury :(

La Jolla Half Marathon- 1:50:10 Beautiful, challenging course! Ran this conservatively as am still recovering from PF in my right foot. I’ve nicknamed this half the BEAST!! To conquer Torrey Pines and the last hill at 12 is AWESOME!


OC Marathon- 4:24, a PW, but I took this race nice and easy and finished injury free. See my review here.


Rock N Roll Marathon San Diego- Due to PF in my right foot I ended up cutting over and running the half. Finish 1:53:xx. I will never run a race injured ever again. Oy. Race started on 6th street, went through Balboa Park, north on the 163 freeway and ended at Sea World. Great course support! However, If you are running this race I would run the full, not the half. There are prettier half marathons in San Diego. The full marathon is a better course that goes into downtown San Diego and along the water.


Coronado 15K: 1:12:28 PR . Fast, flat 15k that starts and ends in Tidelands Park. Parking for this race is limited so get there early.


America’s Finest City Half Marathon: 1:47:02. New PR. Starts at Cabrillo National Monument. First 3 miles rolling hills followed by a long down hill through mile 4. Course is then flat through mile 10.5. A long slow uphill through 12.5 then flat through finish in Balboa Park. Be prepared for 68 degrees at start with 70-80% humidity. Well organized race!

End of Summer 4 miler: Did Not Race: Achilles


Maui Marathon Warrior Challenge (3 races in 2 days): This challenge is AWESOME. I did the half marathon challenge and would do it again in an instant. The 5k has one good climb followed by another small hill. The 1-miler is flat, fast and fun. The half if pretty darn flat and is along the water from Kanaapali Beach to Lahaina and back. There is an option to do the full marathon as well which is likely what I will do next time! I highly reccomend this event series. It’s laid back, beautiful and it’s an excuse to vacation in MAUI!!

Maui Tacos 5K (09/17/11): 22:41 See the deets HERE

Run Forest Run 1 mile (09/17/11) 6:32 Click HERE

Maui Half Marathon (09/18/11) 1:51 Info HERE



Iron Girl 10k Del Mar: 45:27 . Race details HERE

Oceanside Turkey Trot 5 miler- Read about it HERE


Las Vegas RNR Marathon- 3:55:xx- The cluster at night. The deets are HERE.

2010 Races

San Dieguito Half Marathon 1:53: This was my first half! Scenic, hilly course in Rancho Santa Fe. Challenging yet beautiful.

St. Patrick’s Day 10k: 46:25: This is a 10k course around Mission Bay. This was my first 10k race and did better than I thought I would. 10k runners are fast! There is also a 2 and 4 mile run. Everyone was dressed in green! Very fun!

Carlsbad 5000 21:50 PR: Flat, fast 5k at the beach. Approximately 10,000 runners! Race goes all day and is done by age group. Elite runners close the event and run sub 5 minute miles. Can you say FAST?

La Jolla Half Marathon 1:51: My 2nd half marathon. 400 foot climb up Torrey Pines Reserve. Gorgeous views of the ocean. Rewarding finish line!

Iron Girl 10k 45:17 PR: Girl power! My 2nd 10k race, placed 2nd in my age group. Felt good the whole race. Starts and ends in Del Mar. Lots of giveaways and a yummy post race brunch. There is also a 5k.

Rock N Roll Marathon- San Diego 3:59 PR : This was my first marathon. I am not going to lie, I was so bummed with this time. I was on pace to finish in 3:30 and suffered a serious injury to my left foot. I don’t know how I finished. I was out of running for 8 weeks after this race. I learned a hard lesson running in minimalist shoes.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon 1:55 : First race post injury. I was not prepared, but I didn’t care. I loved being back in the race scene! This is a hilly course that starts in Union Square and ends on the Great Highway. There is a full marathon as well. Oh, and I got a Tiffany’s necklace from a hot fireman. BONUS!

Oceanside Turkey Trot 22:12 Fast 5k by the beach that my whole family ran. Not just immediate family but extended family and friends as well. Team Awesome was in full effect. This is going to be an annual event for the fam! There is a local 5k, open 5k and 5 miler. I will likely do the 5 miler in 2011.

California International Marathon 4:16- A TERRIBLE race for me but a beautiful course. Starts in Folsom and ends at the capitol building in Sacramento. Rolling hills the first 14 miles- however, it is a net downhill course. There is not a wave start so get there early! I got there at the last minute and was stuck in a heard for the first 5k.

12 Responses to Races/PRs

  1. You were speedy out of the gates! Cute site! Good luck at Ragnar! I want to run it but I am planning on doing an Ironman and it is too close!

  2. Leah says:

    Just found your site! I love it! As a mama as well I needed some motivation and found it here! How did you get so fast?! Well done on your races!

  3. CajunRunner says:

    Just finished my first half marathon in New Orleans last Sunday! I finished in 1:58:37 with no speedwork or hill work and running 5-6 miles about 4 times a week and 1 long easy run during the week between 9:45-10:00 min pace. Now question: I’m wanting to lower my times- half: 1:57:37, 10K: 53:14, and 5K: 24:29. Any specific plans you used to get from 1:50’s to 1:40’s? I understand some of it just comes natural…awesomeness…but any advice on speed work, hill work?? Hill work on treadmill specifically because in South Louisiana…it’s VERY FLAT! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And CONGRATS on your new PR…you guys all rocked it today!! Thanks.

    • Congrats! That’s an awesome time! After my first half I bought a book called “Run Less Run Faster” and started using it as a guide for speedwork and tempo runs. I focus now on getting more quality runs in. The more I practice running faster the better I get at it. I do hill work on the TM during the week since most of my runs are early am at the gym. I may put a post together to help! Again, congrats!

  4. CajunRunner says:

    Thanks for the info!! A whole post..??!! That would be wonderful! Most people around here don’t do hill work. So I never know what % incline and pace is sufficient for beginners! So many people say it causes injuries and I sure don’t want that to happen! Thanks for you advice!!

  5. Phoebe says:

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