I cannot believe I am here!


Lots of photos. Lots of video. Lots of everything to come. The road to Boston has been an emotional one. So many of you have been through so much with me. My heart is so full and I cannot wait to share this adventure with you.

I always wanted to get to Boston and now I’m here. And so is my family.

It’s going to be one awesome weekend

Hope you all are enjoying this GOOD FRIDAY! See you tomorrow from the expo and then the Red Sox game!!

“Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with ME in Paradise.” Luke 23:43

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4 Responses to Boston

  1. You are going to love Fenway Park. Best place to see a game – small intimate park – no bad seats!!! Oldest park in the MLB (can u tell I’m a Red Sox fan?! Ha!)

  2. Caroline says:

    Wow have an awesome time :) May you have a wonderful Easter, God bless you and your family xo

  3. Amy says:

    Have a wonderful time! What a blessing and accomplishment to be a part of such an awesome event!

  4. Mrs.CJ says:

    So glad you got to go with your family! It’s the best experience there!

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